Free Comic Book Gay!

Free Comic Book Gay 2012!

Free Comic Book Gay 2012

Free Comic Book Gay originated in the brain of James Bacigalupo, a comics lover and volunteer coordinator at Quatrefoil Library in St. Paul.

Quatrefoil is America's largest GLBT lending library, and a wonderful resource for queer people and their allies in the Twin Cities.

In this first installment of Free Comic Book Gay, we are proud to include works by Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells, Rhea Ewing, Kate Saturday, Sylvan Migdal, Jei Gross, Sam Orchard, RJ Edwards,

Free Comic Book Gay is available with or without a charming and hilarious 1-page story from Sylvan Migdal's series Curvy. This story features some pretty serious making out, so if you are a person who prefers not to see movies rated NC-17, or if you know your parents would get mad at you if they caught you with sexy stuff, download the tame version.

Download the full version or the tame version.


Sam Orchard

Sam Orchard has been drawing since he was a little girl. He spends most of his days drawing comics about being queer and trans - especially for his comic blog;

Jeffrey Wells and Shaenon Garrity

Jeffrey C. Wells is the author of numerous plays, short stories, and at least one rap song intended to be performed by a clockwork owl. His story "Torn Apart and Devoured by Lions" is featured in the recent Machine of Death anthology. He is from Wisconsin, but you totally should not hold that against him.

Shaenon K. Garrity is an award-winning cartoonist best known for the webcomics Narbonic and Skin Horse. She works as a manga editor for Viz Media and teaches at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Her writing on comics appears regularly in The Comics Journal, Otaku USA and She lives in Berkeley with a cat, a bird and a man.

Rhea Ewing

Rhea Ewing is a comic artist, illustrator, and social activist in Wisconsin. Rhea's current project is "FINE: a comic about gender" which explores gender identity and fluidity in the Midwest. More can be seen at

Sylvan Migdal

M. Magdalene resides in a vast, ancient, mysterious concrection of sod, plaster, and linoleum, which he shares with one boy, one girl and zero cats. He is on a quest to draw porn that can be enjoyed by people of all shapes, identities, and fancy bits.

Jei Gross

Jei Gross is currently a freshman at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and plans to major in Comic Art. Her storytelling focuses on human relationships in all forms and from all walks of life.

RJ Edwards

RJ Edwards is the creator of Riot Nrrd ( and a member of the Ever Eccentric Unfactory collective ( Their other projects include Child Friend Kin Queer, a collection of writings and resources on coming out as non-binary, and SUPER, a series imagining and illustrating one hundred original superheroes. They currently reside in Rhode Island with their partner and their ridiculous cat, Kurt.

Suzana H. and Owen W.

Learn more about Suzana and Owen at

James Bacigalupo

James Bacigalupo lives in an attic in St. Paul.

Kai Stewart

Kai is a friendly monster who likes the breathtaking variety of the world. E lives in Oakland with a bunch of instruments and plans.

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